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  Noelani-Manawolf 165 2000-09-13 19:18:14-04
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Thumbnail raddimanaM.jpg April 12, 2005
585x900 (62759)
I have no idea how much sense this makes to anyone outside a small circle... but I've been told it's pretty anyway. *tosses it out there*
Thumbnail suddenlyblock.jpg November 25, 2004
1000x483 (58455)
Sometimes an obstacle just.... sits on your drawing pad.
Thumbnail ThomBW.jpg July 12, 2004
624x654 (40988)
Border collie puppeh!! He popped into my head during some roleplay and wouldn't leave... his name is Thom. Like the guy from QE, but cuter.
Thumbnail Velvetdesat.jpg March 26, 2002
500x634 (40526)
Desaturation is your friend? Hmmm.
Thumbnail BlueTigerWatermarked.jpg March 26, 2002
500x687 (69165)
This looks more uncomfortable than I originally intended. And, I'm trying out watermarks as part of experinenting with the struggle between making people appreciate the image and making the quality low enough to deter the "I have it on my hard drive why would I buy the print" syndrome.
Thumbnail Jadefoxad.gif March 26, 2002
548x400 (33994)
Ah, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon... why did a character named 'Jade Fox' have to be evil?
Thumbnail VixnIcon.gif March 26, 2002
230x300 (6658)
Thumbnail YarimAd.jpg March 26, 2002
500x461 (157887)
Blue mouse. With blonde hair. Ah, the illogic.
Thumbnail sw_tali.jpg September 13, 2000
550x751 (123753)
Done for and scanned by Jake McDermott.
Thumbnail Tentaclebunny.jpg September 13, 2000
450x608 (59046)
Hmmm, what's she gonna do with THOSE?
Thumbnail Manawings.jpg September 13, 2000
450x615 (96516)
Thumbnail Fennecbananna.jpg September 13, 2000
450x604 (102778)
Ummm... A fennec. Wit' a really frickin' huge bananna.
Thumbnail bunhug.gif September 13, 2000
582x828 (63676)
Aaah, a tender macro moment. Done for and scanned by Phaeton.
Thumbnail Badgerspank.jpg September 13, 2000
600x823 (148752)
Spanking isn't really my thing, but I had fun with the pic anyway. Done for Steve Corbitt because he got me brushpens. :D
Thumbnail hits.jpg June 27, 2000
700x678 (160837)
Commomorative hits picture for my personal opinions-and-stuff site. Had a fun time combining the rl media of markers with computer background and text and flare filter stuffe.
Thumbnail thoughtful.jpg June 27, 2000
464x600 (43796)
It's not my persona, but it looks kinda like me. I drew plantigrade feet - horrors! :)
Thumbnail Manarock.jpg June 27, 2000
696x900 (193636)
Me sittin' on a rock. I love California foothills! They're so.... so rocky! :D
Thumbnail Dgonsk.jpg September 12, 1999
500x647 (58557)
Unfinished sketch.
Thumbnail halfnhalf.JPG September 12, 1999
1000x1294 (333577)
Commission for Dawnwolf: half human, half wolfmorph. Medium: markers + colored pencils.
Thumbnail Manaruf.jpg April 27, 1999
700x858 (62839)
More doodling around with my persona.

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