SlumbrPrty.jpg August 2, 2001
540×389 (88087)
I’m not dead!!! Katie Colored, been real busy with you know what. Any way gotta go. PS Not to brag or nothing but its come to my attention I havnt told yall Katie moved in with me:)
Thumbnail cover1.jpg May 4, 2001
585×425 (339934)
Okie dokie heres the thing. I made a number of teaser books to show off RTD3 it contains the first thirty pages and is being auctioned off at
Thumbnail imafrmer.jpg April 29, 2001
584×557 (72563)
Whelp, I’m in Colorodo with Karma almost on the way back home. Last night took her family out to a movie, They picked, We saw, “Freddy Got Fingered”….. Any way Jink came along and when she got home she re-enacted her favorite scene much to Drip’s aparent disdain. Katie says I should feel sorry for him.
Thumbnail Readthis.jpg April 22, 2001
318×639 (171827)
It seems everywhere we go we find warning labels for things and activitys that most normal folks would never do. It has recently come to my attention that my art now requires such a warning to help show what most people would see as blatant fiction rather than a desired life style. If you do not apply to this warning please laugh at the people for who have to exist for this warning to have ever become necisary. Thank you, dear friends for your suport.
Thumbnail HitMeBabyOneVoreTime.jpg April 1, 2001
674×876 (637942)
Wel KatEllies its late but its here:)Your turn:)
Thumbnail needammo.jpg March 28, 2001
526×578 (146480)
The mousey love gals were sick and they’re dude asked for this picture, um, I like the plushies:)
Thumbnail JSalam.jpg March 28, 2001
870×666 (614113)
Here is a picture of Jack, no not my grim reaper bunny but Roz Gibson’s Jack Salam, copyright and everything because hes seen publication, Enjoy:)
Thumbnail KARMAD5.jpg March 28, 2001
468×837 (57707)
Heres a tip forfledgeling artists and pro’s alike, If you want your pictures to look amazeing, let Buster Charlie color them for you:)
Thumbnail HisAss.jpg March 15, 2001
860×361 (297469)
Hey I have a regular comic running at its running reruns now but theres some earlyier news stuff to 🙂 Check it out:) I command you;)
Thumbnail lyonesqueeks.jpg February 26, 2001
548×749 (454391)
Miss Lyone from them RTD stories of mine applying a can of WD-40, gonna be selling this un on furbid if yall are interested
Thumbnail purdyplease.jpg February 24, 2001
450×617 (168875)
This is the Buster Charlie version of the pic:) I frankly love it:)
Thumbnail LR6.jpg February 19, 2001
658×510 (307449)
Well Happy V-day Katie:) Sorry its late:)
Thumbnail LR5.jpg February 19, 2001
658×510 (349961)
Okay, yah knew this’d happen:)
Thumbnail LR4.jpg February 19, 2001
658×510 (385251)
Yay! FAN is back up, now I can finish posting this silly thing:) thank you to those of you who went out of your way to fix the problem:)
Thumbnail LR3.jpg February 13, 2001
658×510 (351587)
I love how this one came out:) More tomorrow:)
Thumbnail LR2.jpg February 13, 2001
658×510 (348033)
Havnt drawn one of these in a while:) Should of done one sooner:)