KahanMidCLR4.jpg March 5, 2007
736×787 (185367)
Finally finished the last piece of Kahateni’s series commission XD And after 2 years, this is why you must beware commissioning series.. especially when it involved big black corvid wings x.x in small doses,alright, i can do it, dare i say, i -like- to draw them.. but this last picture just dragged on and on and on x.x yeesh..but i’m just damn happy i’m done 😀 and i bet Kaha will be happy too n.n; Colored pencils, micron, and gel pens on cardstock.
Thumbnail GWpnk01.jpg February 27, 2007
781×674 (185406)
Cutesy bouncy playful Nicholas-mute pup for GrauWolf’s colored sketchbook commission! X3 so fluffeh!
Thumbnail GWprp02.jpg February 27, 2007
832×620 (190769)
And another finished sketchie! Nicholas the malamute plays keep-away from Huskie with a bone

Ballpoint/micron pens on pastel paper.
Thumbnail GWgrn02.jpg February 27, 2007
556×1024 (165526)
‘Nother finished pic for Grau of his character. Ballpoint pen/microns on pastel paper.
Thumbnail Maire.jpg February 25, 2007
666×996 (226323)
Finished half of a trade with Darkmoon12 Her papillon character, Maire. Drawn at work using green ballpoint pen and Staedtler microns on rough cardstock. Silver bits highlighted with gelpen. I only had her character reference… which was a little hard to make out and i have never drawn a papillon before x.x i hope her ears are butterfly-like enough 😛
Thumbnail MalaikaWolfcatINK.jpg February 24, 2007
999×999 (120892)
Finished trade with MalaikaWolfcat, a cougar/wolf cross who looks more wolfy than kitty X3 Stadtler micron pens and silver gel pen on 20 lb paper. Hope she likes!
Thumbnail MyLittleWhitepawzBorder.jpg February 23, 2007
889×678 (115681)
Doodle i did to practice for Gypsymoon’s commission.. but here is ponified Whitepawz :3 It had been a while and i like her design as a pony X3 She’s drawn/colored with microns and pencils and a touch of gelpen for her collar and cut out from her original cardstock and adhered onto a new piece which is adhered to purple cardstock and the whole thing is mounted on black tagboard. She will soon be for sale at my Furbid site soon :3 The whole thing is 9″ x 7″.
Thumbnail BellydancerShadow.jpg February 22, 2007
678×876 (210038)
Finished commission for Shadowhuskie  Microns over ballpoint and gel pens on cardstock.
Thumbnail GWprp01.jpg February 17, 2007
558×699 (130312)
Also for GrauWolf’s colored sketchbook commission Non-Kayeer form Grau contemplates his drawing.. he seems rather pleased!
Thumbnail MySpottyValentine.jpg February 14, 2007
713×965 (152246)
Finished commission for Wolfie of herself and her girlfriend She was supposed to be a snow leopard… but by the time i figured it out i was already coloring her >.< ah well.. just imagine her a bit fluffier i suppose :3 Colored pencils and gel pen on cardstock. I hope Wolfie likey! n.n
Thumbnail Badge-Sekhmet.jpg February 10, 2007
401×514 (61205)
Gift-badge for Sekhmet
Thumbnail Badge-Sepp.jpg February 10, 2007
336×509 (54995)
Gift badge for Sepp
Thumbnail randomheadsSKTCH.jpg February 5, 2007
586×742 (90109)
Random head of peoples… Sabarika, Silverwing, Exodite, ECMajor, and Savannah. first time ever drawing ECM or Savannah.. pretty unicornses  And i drew Exo as an anthro XD headfrill+ponytail=no. Drew Sabby in her damn hat she’s always in (at least whenever i see her!) and Jolyn’s kinda there.. i promise i will draw a more interesting picture of ya soon :P~~ much loves.
Thumbnail MyLittleGypsymoon.jpg January 30, 2007
854×710 (130326)
Finished final piece for Gypsymoon x.x I FINALLY MANAGED SMOOTH SHADING XD augh. various colored pencils, microns, and gel pens. a little silver in her pupil as her character description says she has a silvery pupil.. in the shape of a horse’s head.. but.. no.. couldnt do it. All on cardstock. *falls over and goes to sleep*
Thumbnail Badge-Crow.jpg January 23, 2007
444×566 (76066)
Gift badge for my friend Crow! I miss yew!!! n.n
Thumbnail Ziggy.jpg January 16, 2007
677×1000 (117466)
Finished gift for SicPuppy
I wanted to draw her char Ziggy in a Don Bluth-y style.. so i did, but with a lil more detail

My original lineart got a lil smudgey and bent so i once again made a Xerox of the original onto another piece of cardstock and worked with that.

Colored pencils, gel pen, and micron on a cardstock Xerox.

I hope she likes! X3

Thumbnail Blackwolfhorsiething.jpg January 4, 2007
840×1076 (343062)
Finished picture for BlackWolf of his character in were-horse form. Partially a trade, partially a commission.. partially in apology for my slowness when it comes to arting/sending things out 9.9.. anyhoo.. just black Bic pen and insomnia :3 First time i’ve drawn a horse anthro with hoof-tipped fingers.. surprisingly, it worked out i think o.0 i dont usually like the way they look.. but i decided to give it a shot. I think the pose is somehow more dynamic than those i’ve drawn recently.. and im really glad i was able to fit him all within the boundaries of the paper X3 definately a challenge with winged characters *noddle* and that weird tentacley thing on his leg is supposed to be a tassled satchel his character has… i cant draw fringe for shit 😀 So yes.. i hope he likes :3
Thumbnail WingedWolf.jpg December 24, 2006
942×775 (142185)
Finally finished this nightmare of a picture x.x why is it that when it rains black corvid wings, it POURS? anyhoo, this is my half of a trade with WingedWolf. LOTS of pencil. LOTS of erasing. LOTS of procrastinating.. but it is finally finished 9.9 I swear… wings.. are such a pain in the ass.. but goddammit they look freaken good. And of course beware my signature way-too-much-detail-for-the-average-furry-art-viewer coloring technique of shaking babies.. i mean shading fur. colored pencil and a lil white gel pen on cardstock. *drops like a rock* x.x
Thumbnail WingedWolfSKTCH.jpg December 24, 2006
938×787 (124569)
I just wanted to show how vague and messy my sketches can be 😀 this one i had to try twice at to get to here. sunofabitch.