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Thumbnail Ziggy.jpg
Huskie January 16, 2007
677×1000 (117466)
Finished gift for SicPuppy :3
I wanted to draw her char Ziggy in a Don Bluth-y style.. so i did, but with a lil more detail <:3

My original lineart got a lil smudgey and bent so i once again made a Xerox of the original onto another piece of cardstock and worked with that.

Colored pencils, gel pen, and micron on a cardstock Xerox.

I hope she likes! X3

Thumbnail AlphaMale.jpg
Brenda-DiAntonis January 15, 2007
452×580 (98678)
“Alpha Male”. This hunky dominant wolf guy will be in the Art Show at Further Confusion this upcoming weekend.

Thumbnail Blackwolfhorsiething.jpg
Huskie January 4, 2007
840×1076 (343062)
Finished picture for BlackWolf of his character in were-horse form. Partially a trade, partially a commission.. partially in apology for my slowness when it comes to arting/sending things out 9.9.. anyhoo.. just black Bic pen and insomnia :3 First time i’ve drawn a horse anthro with hoof-tipped fingers.. surprisingly, it worked out i think o.0 i dont usually like the way they look.. but i decided to give it a shot. I think the pose is somehow more dynamic than those i’ve drawn recently.. and im really glad i was able to fit him all within the boundaries of the paper X3 definately a challenge with winged characters *noddle* and that weird tentacley thing on his leg is supposed to be a tassled satchel his character has… i cant draw fringe for shit 😀 So yes.. i hope he likes :3

Thumbnail WOWcow.jpg
Megan-Giles December 29, 2006
361×582 (84333)
Free art for Bob

Thumbnail WOWmauvtroll.jpg
Megan-Giles December 29, 2006
527×720 (154049)
Free art for Xmas

Thumbnail BookmarkGifts2006.jpg
Brenda-DiAntonis December 29, 2006
425×700 (170517)
Holiday Bookmark Gifts, 2006. Markers and some colored pencil.

Thumbnail jonwI_M274.jpg
Kurt-Moller December 25, 2006
860×470 (71449)
On a budget. Its difficult on the veldt; few resources beyond grass and water, and wildlife. The Buffalo to the south held the Cape,with its gold and diamonds. They could afford to import weapons. And they were our ancient enemies. Some times you had to make do with what you could afford. Here, a small pride attempts to defend their territory from an enemy patrol. The 106mm recoilles rifle is still effective against light armor, even though its over 40 years old. The M274 can carry it easily; it can carry more than its own weight. But the Buffalo are predictable; they’ll charge into any attack, and land mines are generally cheap..

Thumbnail MistletoeIsHung.jpg
Tremaine December 25, 2006
578×750 (110080)
This is a gift for my lovely wife, Mistletoe! We absolutely adore puns, so she wanted me to have fun with her character. We switched genders (she normally is a female snowshoe hare, and I am a male hedgefox). With a male bunny, and what do you do with mistletoe? It’s hung, of course! And apparently, so is Mistletoe’s male form! Tremmie decides to have a little fun with him…. 8) She absolutely loved it. I’m rather proud of it, too.

Thumbnail WingedWolf.jpg
Huskie December 24, 2006
942×775 (142185)
Finally finished this nightmare of a picture x.x why is it that when it rains black corvid wings, it POURS? anyhoo, this is my half of a trade with WingedWolf. LOTS of pencil. LOTS of erasing. LOTS of procrastinating.. but it is finally finished 9.9 I swear… wings.. are such a pain in the ass.. but goddammit they look freaken good. And of course beware my signature way-too-much-detail-for-the-average-furry-art-viewer coloring technique of shaking babies.. i mean shading fur. colored pencil and a lil white gel pen on cardstock. *drops like a rock* x.x

Thumbnail WingedWolfSKTCH.jpg
Huskie December 24, 2006
938×787 (124569)
I just wanted to show how vague and messy my sketches can be 😀 this one i had to try twice at to get to here. sunofabitch.

Thumbnail TristenBookmark.jpg
Huskie December 23, 2006
279×1200 (124931)
Finished half of a trade with Her character, Tristen as a bookmark! n.n i had a random piece of 2″ x 8.5″ cardstock and decided i’d try a bookmark again.. the original was so scuffed, however, that i made a photocopy onto another piece of cardstock (i was at work at the time). I then began working on the copy, coloring with pencils and gel pens, then touching up the oulines with ink. the background is watercolor/salt technique again. I then trimmed it and laminated it :3 I hope she likes! n.n so fabulous<3

Thumbnail sexytroll.jpg
Megan-Giles December 19, 2006
389×459 (72226)
Male trolls radiate testoscerone.

Thumbnail My_Troll_Hits_Level_40_by_Dustmeat.jpg
Megan-Giles December 19, 2006
487×612 (164085)
My fursona Dustmeat is also my troll’s combat pet. Not his mount.

Thumbnail NeokaiThong.jpg
Huskie December 17, 2006
448×908 (88643)
Silly little doodle i did for Neokai while at TGI Fridays yesterday. Yes.. him in a thong.. with a bow on his tail.. s’cute :P~~ colored pencils, ink pen and a lil gel pen on copy paper.

Thumbnail Bdaycard2006.jpg
Huskie December 15, 2006
493×686 (141640)
I made a birthday card for Russell this year! n.n His birthday is on the 20th and he’s turning 23 :3 I despise this scan as it has really flattened everything out..
The characters are colored in pencil and the background is rendered with watercolor+salt technique, the words are done in gel pen as is the present. All that was done on heavyweight parchment paper. The paper with the characters has been inset behind a border i cut out from the original piece of a watercolor card. Then the words were cut and pasted ontop of everything there and the tails were drawn/colored seperately then inserted there and pasted n.n i hope nothing falls apart 😛

On the inside is a poem.. but its so corny i dont think i’ll say what it says n.n;

Thumbnail GWred02.jpg
Huskie December 15, 2006
821×1001 (286395)
Second page of Grau’s sketchbook commish. His malamute character, Nicholas :3 Very fluffy puppy! Ballpoint and ink pen on pastel paper.

Thumbnail GWred01.jpg
Huskie December 15, 2006
1012×802 (231330)
Fist page of Grauwolf’s sketchbook commission. His Kayeer character, Grau, in both biped and taur forms. Ballpoint and ink pen on pastel paper.

Thumbnail PentaOMG.jpg
Huskie December 13, 2006
640×688 (121062)
Hooray for fundoodles n YouTube! …drawn after filling my brain with beauteous Unico movies ;.; yeah, its my pony char but.. unipegs are fabulous

Thumbnail Badge-Likeshine.jpg
Huskie December 3, 2006
362×544 (73669)
Finished badge trade with Likeshine :3 I -really- like how this turned out n.n I hope she does too!

Thumbnail BloodhoundCollage.jpg
Huskie December 1, 2006
771×1000 (225972)
A little giftie for Bloodhound Omega :3 I wanted give a stab at drawing her char and it was also an oppertunity to text some new gigantic Hardtmuth colored pencils.. also hadnt done a collage in a while. I tried to stick to Bloodi’s colors and chose some pretty patterns i had saved. I really need to go out and dissect me some more magazines x.x

Thumbnail Melgrin_Drake.jpg
Robert-Serocki November 26, 2006
387×766 (55244)
Someone asked me to draw her Second Life character. I am aware the pants are impossibly tight.

Thumbnail Fifi-Zenith.jpg
Robert-Serocki November 26, 2006
750×900 (126397)
Gift art for someone. A Second Life character whose name is really ‘Fifiskunk Zenith.’